How to install and run Chewbotcca


What you’re gonna need:

1) Git (optional, but recommended)

2) Ruby (required)

It’s go time

1) If you have git, run git clone Otherwise, download the latest .ZIP from here, or .tar.gz from here, then unzip it.

2) Install ruby. don’t ask me how, just DuckDuckGo it

3) Wow, you’re done.


It’s go time.

Installing Gems

You’re gonna need the following gems:

We have many ways to get these gems.

If you prefer bundler, feel free to run bundle install.

Setting up the config.

Simply run ruby setup.rb to be guided through all the Chewbotcca setup! If you hate the G U I z o n e, you can always modify the config.example.yaml directly.


IF YOU’RE CONFUSED (which i already am), just send an issue.

Or… join Chewbotcca IRC Channel! Click here to join! (with KiwiIRC)